Fluttua – Roomba Friendly Floating Bed

Fluttua Floating Bed (Images courtesy LAGO)
By Andrew Liszewski

Your Roomba works so hard, now you can say thanks by making its life just a little bit easier when its time to vacuum under the bed with one that appears to float in mid-air. Unfortunately there’s no magnets or anti-gravity in use here, the bed simply attaches to the wall with a specially designed frame that actually hides the mounting point when it’s fully assembled, completing the illusion.

Presumably the frame needs to be mounted to a stud in the wall as opposed to being just screwed into the drywall but since I don’t speak the language used on the company’s (LAGO) website I have no idea what the actual weight limit might be. But if you need a rough idea please feel free to visit LAGO’s site for a few product shots that show just how strong the frame really is.

[Fluttua Floating Bed] VIA [Geekologie]


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