Floppy RAID Doesn’t Manage To Make Floppy Disks Useful Again

Floppy RAID Doesn’t Manage To Make Floppy Disks Useful Again


By Evan Ackerman

If you work for a company that makes USB 3.5″ floppy disk drives, like Daniel Olson does, you probably find yourself with a lot of down time. In an effort to make 3.5″ floppies relevant again, Daniel made himself a RAID array out of 5 drives and a USB hub. The array has a usable capacity of about 4 mb, and is able to fill itself in just over 30 seconds. That’s like, uh, 0.13 mbps! Wow!

For his next project, Daniel plans to make a 125 disk array with a capacity of something like 256 mb. I guess he’s keeping ’em out of a landfill, so that’s a good thing.

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6 thoughts on “Floppy RAID Doesn’t Manage To Make Floppy Disks Useful Again”

  1. Yea, go ahead and laugh your heads off! However, remember this post when you are running for your life from the robot apocalypse. You see, these drives will be so outdated at that point that Skynet won't be able to track them. Then a plucky underground band of rag tag heroes led by Daniel Whatshisname will utilize a massive RAID to send a floppy back in time. This will provide vital pre-apocalypse information to Daniels unborn son. Of course, nobody will know it because the pregnant woman that gets the disc will throw it in the trash, but at least……What? It could happen!

  2. I like to see a USB Flash drive or this. Looks Awesome. I remember Japan have higher Capacity floppies which were about 2MB or more, so the maximum is 10MB.

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