Floppy Disc CD Sleeves

Floppy Disc CD Sleeve (Image courtesy Likecool)
By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t know if I’m quite ready to sacrifice my boxes of Commodore 64 floppies just yet (I wonder what their shelf life is anyways) but re-using them as CD sleeves seems about as useful a way to recycle them as any. Designer Adam Faja originally came up with the idea, and the sample you see pictured above included a track list printed on an index card in an old school typewriter font to complete the effect. Could 2009 turn out to be a renaissance year for the floppy disk?

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19 thoughts on “Floppy Disc CD Sleeves”

  1. I have been doin this for soo many years..i have around 100 CDs and a few DVDs tucked away in the sleeves..All of them are really old..I used to collect the spoiled floppys when I was young..from my dads office..I used the sleeves to put cds in em..and used the magnetic tape to make designs.///( just burn the tape and crumble em to dust..put it on a paper and hold a magnet underneath…

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