FlipStart Gets An $800 Price Cut

FlipStartBy Luke Anderson

Last year we saw a lot of compact PCs that were really overpriced. Take for example the FlipStart which featured a 1.1GHz Pentium processor and 512MB of RAM and a 5.6-inch screen. It ran a full version of Windows XP (now even Vista) which was cool, but the $1,499 price tag was huge turnoff. In a huge surprise move, they have drastically dropped the price down to $699. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

In a world that has the Asus Eee PC, the FlipStart really didn’t have a hope of surviving at its current price, so it was a smart move to bring it down. My favorite feature is the integrated Sprint EV-DO Rev A chipset which lets you get net access almost anywhere (for a fee of course). It might not be as comfortable to type on as the Eee PC, but it may give it a run for its money now.

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