FlipClips (Image courtesy FlipClips)By Andrew Liszewski

I think the last flipbook animation I ever made graced the lower corner of a copy of “Lord Of The Flies” back in high school. If I’m not mistaken it involved some sort of daredevil jumping over a bunch of spikes on a motorcycle and if memory serves he was not successful.

FlipClips is an online service that will turn any video clip under 30 seconds into a pocket-sized flipbook. There are a variety of different sizes available depending on what resolution of video you provide but since they impose a 25MB limit on file uploads you’re probably going to want to avoid using any of those hi-def clips you’ve been collecting.

Prices start as low as $5.99 but vary depending on the size of flipbook you order, how many pages it has and how many copies you want.

[FlipClips] VIA [Productdose]

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