Flipbac Camera Grips (Images courtesy Flipbac Innovations)

Flipbac Camera Grips

Flipbac Camera Grips (Images courtesy Flipbac Innovations)
By Andrew Liszewski

Flipbac Innovations first crossed our radar screen a few years ago with their adjustable angle viewfinder that gave cameras without a flip-out LCD display similar functionality. And now they’re back with a new product designed to make P&S cameras with an overly smooth finish easier to handle.

The grips are made of silicone and adhere to the front of the camera via a special 3M adhesive that allows them to be removed and reused without leaving any residue behind. They make using most P&S cameras with a single hand a little easier, and are available directly from the company for just $9.99 in 3 unique shapes. Cheap, functional and reusable, exactly what we like to see in an accessory.

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  1. I just came accross this item by chance? – I just might try one as when I an holding my camera with one hand I often wish that I did have a little bit better of grip on it than I do … Like you said, It appears to be a very practical inexpensive accessory. Neat!

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