Flip Flop Mop – Function Following Form

Flip Flop Mop (Image courtesy Marie-Louise Gustafsson)By Andrew Liszewski

Now don’t get me wrong, I like a great piece of design as much as the next guy but these flip flop mops will clearly end up in the novelty pile. (Though I’m sure they weren’t designed with practicality in mind in the first place.) Anyone who has ever tripped over their own feet while trying to walk wearing swim flippers will draw parallels to wearing these.

The Flip Flop Mops are not actually available for sale but instead are part of a design collection by Marie-Louise Gustafsson. I do recommend checking out her site though as there are a few other concepts that are pretty cool. (Like the ‘Slacker Chair’ for example.)

[Flip Flop Mops by Marie-Louise Gustafsson] VIA [Blavish]

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