Flexible LED – The Future Of Neon

Mule Lighting LED-FLEX (Image courtesy Mule Lighting)By Andrew Liszewski

Called LED-FLEX this neon-substitute uses LED technology?housed in a flexible tube along with ‘proprietary techniques’ to achieve the appearance and most importantly the brightness of traditional neon lighting.

Unlike neon lighting though, the LED-FLEX units are completely sealed and impervious to shock, vibration and can be used in wet or ‘extreme’ conditions. They’re also up to 70% more energy-efficient than neon and run cool enough for human interaction. The biggest advantage of course is that since they’re flexible they can be easily implemented in unique locations and designs that would be difficult to impossible for glass tubing.

For now the LED-FLEX comes in a slightly limited color palette of red, green, blue and yellow but odds are that will expand as LED technology itself improves.

[Mule Lighting LED-FLEX] VIA [Online High Tech Magazine]

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