Flatshare Fridge Keeps Everyone’s Food Separate


By Chris Scott Barr

Have you ever lived with a roommate that liked to steal you food and drinks out of the fridge? They’d usually claim to think it was theirs, citing the fact that there was no label on it or something. Well here’s a way to make sure that everyone knows which stuff belongs to whom.

This stackable Flatshare Fridge concept has four different compartments that stack on top of each other. If you had four people in a house, you could each have your own little fridge. You can even control the individual temperatures of each one. While it might seem like a cool idea at first, it would likely end up being more trouble than it’s worth. Most places you rent (or buy for that matter) already come with a refrigerator. So unless this thing is really inexpensive, you’ll be much better off going with a regular full sized fridge.

[ Toxel ] VIA [ Technabob ]

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