Flat Tire Concierge

By Bruce Eaton

Pinky up while changing your flat low-pros with the Flat Tire Concierge. Inside a compact storage case is a mat for you to kneel on instead of the dirty ground, a pair of rubber protective gloves so as not to mess up your manicure, and a full-size elastic tire tote or “condom” that will slip over any tire up to 31″ in diameter.

$24.95 gets you the Flat Tire Concierge kit. Now you will be able to move and carry that dirty, naughty tire without grime-on-suit-shirt syndrome.

[Flat Tire Concierge] VIA [Coolest Gadgets]

1 thought on “Flat Tire Concierge”

  1. This makes some sense. Changing tyres is, after all, a potentially very dirty job. I’m surprised no-one thought of this sooner, actually.

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