FlashMic (Image courtesy HHB Communications Ltd.)By Andrew Liszewski

There are currently a lot of flash memory-based portable recorders out there but for the most part their convenient, compact size also means they usually rely on a built-in compact microphone. So anytime you want to record audio with some level of quality you need to hookup an external microphone which means more equipment and cables to bring with you.

The FlashMic is a high-quality Sennheiser omnidirectional microphone that has a flash recorder built-in. Two AA batteries will power the FlashMic for more than 8 hours but the 1Gb of internal flash memory can actually store up to 18 hours of broadcast quality audio. The mic also has a built-in LCD screen providing feedback on battery life, recording space and current track number and downloading recordings off the FlashMic is easy with a simple USB 2.0 hookup.

The FlashMic is available now from select retailers but its $1300 price tag will probably only appeal to broadcast professionals.

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