Flashlight Induces Vomiting

By Ryan Nill

Developed for Homeland Security, this brand new flashlight uses a series of oscillating LEDs to induce nausea and eventual vomiting. It is designed by Intelligent Optical Systems as part of a push for nonlethal weaponry. The flashlight works by first flashing extremely brightly and then flickering a series of bright LEDs, filtering through several colors and brightnesses to create “psychophysical effects.” The desired results is to first blind you, then induce feelings of nausea and vertigo, eventually ending in compulsive vomiting. Fun stuff indeed. Of course, one drawback to this is that the flashlight is easily countered by closing your eyes, looking away and/or wearing tinted sunglasses. Also noteworthy is the adverse effect it could have on those with epilepsy or similar conditions; the oscillating light could trigger dangerous and violent seizures in some.

It is currently not on the market, although Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc. intends to start testing this product on volunteers at PENN state. The ultimate intent of all this is to have urban police, border-security agents, and the National Guard be armed with the new flashlight by 2010.

[ Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc. ] VIA [ gizmodo ]

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  1. The only thing I truly see this being used for……..Drunkin’ Frat Parties! I can just see it, a bunch of truly wasted college guys pointing this at each other, guessing who will be the first to vomit up all that Old Milwaukee or PBR. Sweet!

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