Flash Rods DeLorean (Image courtesy Flash Rods)

Flash Rods Cram 500GB Inside A DeLorean

Flash Rods DeLorean (Image courtesy Flash Rods)
By Andrew Liszewski

A company called Flash Rods adds 4GB of flash storage to Hot Wheels sized die-cast cars, but they also retro-fit those fancy 1:18 scale model vehicles with larger hard drives. So in keeping with today’s unofficial Back To The Future theme, here’s their DeLorean model which adds 500GB of storage to the time machine as it appeared in the third movie of the trilogy.

The addition of the hard drive leaves no visible modifications to the car itself, except for a USB port on the back where you’d normally find the ‘OUTATIME’ plates. At $250 it’s actually pretty steep for just 500GB of storage, even including the price of the car, but I don’t think you’re ever going to find a more appropriate drive for use with OS X’s Time Machine feature.

[ Flash Rods – BTTF DeLorean ] VIA [ Everything USB ]

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