FiveFingers Shoes

products.jpgBy Bruce Eaton

Adding all the benefits of running bare foot to the protection of wearing shoes, the FiveFingers shoes not only hug the feet, but also separate the toes into their own little “shoes”. Not only are your feet protected, but the barefoot design adds an element of exercise that regular shoes don’t provide. On the back of the shoe is a convenient pull tab and elastic lock that lets you customize the fit, just like triathalon laces.

With a Vibram sole that is almost good forever [personal review, having worn Vibram soled shoes while hiking Shikoku], these are shoes that will last you a good while, and keep you performing at your peak. The reviews have been very positive. Priced around $70 these are pretty cheap compared to other athletic shoes. And most other shoes don’t give you monkey-feet abilities, like curling your toes.

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  1. I just got a pair of Sprints (velcro closure on the top and heel) and they’re great. I’m wearing them at work right now and I’m gonna try them out climbing at a climbing gym after work!

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