Fitbit Tracks Your Fitness And Sleep Patterns

Fitbit (Images courtesy Fitbit Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

Basic step counters are like a dime a dozen these days, so why would you need to spend $99 on the Fitbit when you can usually find one for free inside a box of Special K? Well first of all, the Fitbit features a motion sensor like those found in the Nintendo Wiimote, allowing it to track your motion in 3 dimensions. So besides being able to count how many steps you’ve taken, it can also use that data to accurately calculate how many calories you’ve burned based on the intensity and duration of your physical activities, the distance you’ve traveled and even how long it took you to fall asleep or how often you woke up during the night.

The data collected by the Fitbit can also be uploaded to a free account on the Fitbit website, allowing you to track and see your physical activity or sleep patterns over time. It also comes with a wireless ‘docking’ station that will automatically download the data from the Fitbit whenever it’s in range. According to their website, the Fitbit’s rechargeable battery will last for about 10 days between charges, and it even features a blue OLED display allowing you to keep track of your steps, calories and distance while away from your PC.

The Fitbit is expected to start shipping in the first quarter of 2009, and if it works as well as promised, I think $99 is a steal.

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