Fishtank Friday: Livingston, I Presume?


If you’re as big of a Star Trek: TNG fan as I am, you’ll immediately recognize this dome aquarium from Captain Picard’s ready room aboard the Enterprise-D. The aquarium was home to Livingston the fish, one of only four recurring pets in the Star Trek franchise. In every episode except one, or perhaps technically two, Livingston was played by a red lionfish, which are a lovely, albeit venomous, sort of tropical fish that you can find living on coral reefs all over the world.

The tank itself is made of acrylic, with a 20″ dome and a 40 gallon capacity. It’ll set you back nearly $1k including the stand and self-contained casing.

Bonus geek points to anyone who knows about the other Star Trek recurring pets and the episodes in which Livingston the fish was not himself.

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11 thoughts on “Fishtank Friday: Livingston, I Presume?”

  1. Livingston was portrayed by a red lionfish (Pterois volitans) in nearly every appearance. Only in “Devil’s Due” did the fish change species and appear as a radial firefish (Pterois radiata)

  2. Yeah, I was kind of hoping that if someone was gonna look it up, they wouldn’t just post a wiki link :p… But there is still ONE more occasion in which Livingston the lion fish was not in his fishtank. Technically I suppose he was, but, what’s the episode? No cheating, but here’s a hint: I’m pretty sure that Spot, Data’s cat, was a key plot element.

  3. i know the other three – but who/what is chester?

    and as for the other episode, i’m going to guess that it was either that animal-mutant episode, or the one where geordi cat-sits for spot. those are the only two episodes i can really think of that feature spot…

  4. Yeah, the mutant one. Livingston would have presumably devolved into like a trilobite or something. Spot was central because her pregnancy made her immune, which gave Data the idea to use Dr. Crusher’s pregnant assistant to make a vaccine.

    Who the eff is Chester though?

  5. Since I have no idea who guest is, becca gets the non-prize. Livingston shows up in that episode as some kind of jellyfish, and I’m pretty sure a devolved Riker was trying to eat him. Points to Mike, too, for getting the plot. For the record, although I’ve watched DS9 start to finish, I don’t remember Chester at all, and I think Porthos is out of Enterprise, which is a load of rubbish.

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