Fishtank Friday: Fish Wheel

Fishtank Friday: Fish Wheel

Fish Wheel

By Evan Ackerman

This giant wall-mounted fish tank “allows your dearest pet to travel the polluted ocean from the comfort of his own home.” As you can see, the fish wheel contains little miniature models of power plants and factories and stuff, so that your fish can experience a continually changing landscape of toxicity. Indeed, it has no choice, since only the bottom part of the wheel actually contains any water. I think it’s supposed to be more of a Statement than actually fun for the fish, which is fine, but it’s a shame that the concept is being put to such a negative use. Wouldn’t it be cool if it instead contained little miniature models of fish amusement parks? Like, Disneywater. And LandWorld. And Six Buoys. And Lakes of Adventure. And… Uh… Knott’s Underwater Berry Farm. Yeah, got nothin’.

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