Fishtank Friday: Fish Arcology

Fishtank Friday: Fish Arcology


By Evan Ackerman

If your goldfish are futurists (or fans of SimCity 2000), they’d probably get a kick fin out of the Silverfish aquarium, designed by Octopus Studios. From the perspective of a fish, it’s an arcology, which is a huge habitat designed to deal with high population densities. I suppose you could argue that just having a big tank full of water allows for higher density than six interconnected habitats, but that would be ignoring the privacy needs of your aquatic pals. And it would be way boring. The tank holds 60 gallons and is completely self contained, coming with everything necessary to keep tropical freshwater fish healthy and happy. Each one is custom made and will cost you $3400 excluding only fish and gravel.

Fish Tank

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11 thoughts on “Fishtank Friday: Fish Arcology”

  1. This aquarium is ridiculos. I hope noone buys it it is way overpriced and any person who has actualy kept an aquarium and had great success will tell you the key is in doing waterchanges. I constantly see all theese promises made by aquarium companies and aquarium product manufacturers. The saying holds true if it sounds to good to be true it probobly is and this aquarium is no exception. Fish are not like us they don’t care about privacy but an interesting concept none the less that fish care about privacy. Please dont waste your money time and energy on a tank that like this that is absolutley impossible to maintain. Besides you can get a 65 gallon standard aquarium for 600$ completly stocked and all!

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