Fishing Parachute

Fish Parachute (Images courtesy Google Images)By Andrew Liszewski

That thumbnail is probably a bit misleading but I suspect anyone who prefers to spend their free time on the lake with a fishing rod in hand will appreciate this one. It seems fish are somewhat reluctant to the idea of being pulled out of their underwater home so reeling one in can usually be quite a fight.

For some people this is what fishing is all about but others would prefer the process to be a bit easier. A new patent describes a special fishing line fixed with a small container that holds a nylon parachute that can be up to half a meter in diameter. When the fish is hooked and starts tugging on the line the extra tension pulls the two halves of the capsule apart releasing the chute. As the fish tries to swim away it will tire more quickly since it has to fight the extra drag created by the parachute which can also prevent the line from breaking. In theory this can lead to landing dinner or that tasteful fireplace decoration a lot easier.

VIA [New Scientist Invention Blog]

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