FishEyes Rod & Reel Puts A Camera Right Above Your Bait

FishEyes Rod & Reel (Image courtesy NextSport Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

Unless you’re casting into a well-stocked pond, fishing can be incredibly boring while you wait for something to take your bait. In fact I think it just serves as a plausible excuse for spending countless hours drifting on a lake in a canoe. But the makers of the FishEyes promise to take the boredom out of waiting because they’ve created a rod and reel that features an integrated wide-angle video camera at the end of the line, sitting just above your bait.

The live video feed is sent to a color LCD display built into the handle, so you can see the fish as they swim by. But it doesn’t do anything to actually encourage fish to take a nibble. In fact, I’m pretty sure the built-in LED lights it uses to illuminate your bait underwater would probably serve to scare the fish away. And if the fish aren’t biting, seeing a murky live feed of nothing happening underwater isn’t any more exciting than sitting and waiting. Finally, according to this incredibly cliched infomercial, the FishEyes only has a little over 25 feet of line, which could make fishing off a tall dock pretty much impossible.

Get it from Amazon for $79.99.

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  1. Well, the most incredible thing about this thing is the angle view from the commercial. What do you think when the ad don’t show any real footage FROM the actual rod?

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