Fish Tank Friday: Canon Mixed Reality Aquarium

By Evan Ackerman

Normally, the fish tanks we write about are isolated things, objects that you can point to and say, “hey look, there’s a fish tank.” Canon’s mixed reality aquarium, on the other hand, makes everywhere a fish tank. With the aid of a VR headset, different species of fish and other marine life are projected into your surroundings, and it appears as though the fish actually interact with your environment, avoiding (or running into) objects. Canon isn’t sure whether or not they’re going to try and make a product out of this, but just try and imagine putting on a pair of glasses and spending the entire day wandering around your own virtual under water world. It would be totally awesome, at least until you get hit by a bus while trying to avoid being eaten by a virtual shark.

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7 thoughts on “Fish Tank Friday: Canon Mixed Reality Aquarium”

  1. this is pretty cool. next step up form the finding nemo ride at epcot in florida (the old living seas). they use screens in the water and put holographic fish swimming with real fish.

  2. AR in simple glasses is potentially only a few years away now. If they can perfect this and get in an easy to wear and fashionable form, it could change life as we know it

  3. wow – that's just amazing. Where can I read more about this? Takes interacting with fish to a whole nother level. Somehow I don't think my kids will be interested in aquariums after they see this lol

  4. I still prefer seeing fish on their natural habitat, well these are cool toys, oh gizmo is the plays when searching for new toys or gadgets

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