Firewinder Outdoor Lighting Runs Exclusively On Wind Power (No Fire Needed)

Firewinder (Images courtesy the Firewinder Company)
By Andrew Liszewski

Solar powered lighting for your deck or backyard is pretty popular these days, but here’s another eco-friendly solution to illuminate your next BBQ. While the Firewinder looks like the kind of kitschy outdoor wind chime you’d find at an arts & crafts sale, the spinning motion of its upward spiraling helix is actually used to power a generator which in turn illuminates a set of 14 ultra bright LEDs. The helix design allows the Firewinder to harness the wind no matter what direction it’s blowing, and it features an ultra-light design so even the lightest breeze will keep it going. The LEDs are also located along the edge of the helix which produces a unique lighting effect as it spins.

From what I can tell the Firewinder doesn’t feature a rechargeable battery to store up a charge, so if the wind isn’t blowing, the LEDs won’t light up. It does come with a set of brackets though, for mounting it to a wall, or you can just take the lazy route and hang it from a rope. It’s available from for about $200.

[ Firewinder ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]