Firetruck With A MiG Engine

Jet Powered Firetruck (Images courtesy Life on Top)
By Andrew Liszewski

When a fire breaks out, any amount of time it takes for the fire department to arrive is too long. So in theory, a 2003 Ferrara pumper truck that’s been outfitted with a Mikoyan Gurevich (MiG) jet engine should dramatically cut response times right? As long as there’s an absolutely perfectly straight path between the firehouse and the actual fire that is.

But unfortunately this firetruck has had to make some sacrifices in the name of speed. The most problematic being the removal of its water tanks in order to accommodate the engine and the fuel tanks it requires. So while the pumper can deliver firemen in record time, it won’t be able to do much else except maybe start another fire as a result of its afterburner.

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