FireFly Anti-Static Blower For Sensor Cleaning

FireFly Sensor Cleaner (Image courtesy NRD)By Andrew Liszewski

The PMA photography show is currently running in Las Vegas and besides all the slightly upgraded cameras there are a lot of interesting accessories being introduced. Now I’ve already written about the Giottos Rocket-Air blower before and let me say after using it for a while it’s incredibly useful for battling dust on all your electronics. The FireFly though takes the Rocket-Air one step further by adding a special ionizing unit to the tip that results in a blast of anti-static air. When blown at a dirty image sensor inside a DSLR the dust and particles lose their electrostatic charge and then fall off the sensor.

It’s not a bad idea for a quick sensor cleaning but those dust particles will still be kicking around the inside of your camera and will eventually end up back on the sensor. But when you’re in the field and don’t have time to do a proper cleaning this isn’t a bad alternative. It’s also nice to see more and more companies making accessories for DSLR cameras as they become more and more popular among amateur photographers.

The FireFly will be available sometime in the Spring of this year.

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