Firefighting Robot: TAF 20

Firefighting Robot: TAF 20

TAF 20

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One of the latest firefighting robots was unveiled on December 10, 2015, in Sydney, Australia, by the Minister for Emergency Services and the Fire and Rescue NSW Commissioner. The amazing high-tech firefighter robot known as TAF 20 can take the heat. 

The Trucked Vehicle TAF 20 is a fire fighting extinguishing turbine that has been mounted on a compact crawler vehicle. The turbine has a nozzle ring which atomizes extinguishing foam and water to form particulate matter that is distributed by a propeller directly on the flames to envelop the burning object and smother the soot and smoke, reducing the emission of fumes.

The variable spray action ranges from a mist that can spread over a wide area up to 197 feet to a water jet having a remarkable projection range up to 295 feet. It also has a much higher cooling capacity and uses less water than conventional extinguishing systems. A computer network support Los Angeles firm was impressed by the capabilities of the robot that it started researching and found the following:

The incline angle being adjustable and with the integrated lifting function, the extinguishing agent is able to be distributed over a large area with changes in the wind direction being immediately compensated. Able to be remotely operated up to 1,640 feet away, it can be sent into situations too dangerous for firefighters. In addition, the TAF 20’s bulldozer blade can clear obstacles in a tunnel incident or debris after an explosion and also has a high-powered fan that is able to clear smoke from a room.

Having a compact body with steel tracks, this robot can fight fires of all kinds including forest fires and in tunnels, underground railway shafts, refineries, the chemical industry, urban areas, airports, and city centers. The TAF 20 will be kept in Alexandria and be prepared to be deployed all across New South Wales. This robot is too expensive and out of reach but worth mentioning to the public as it may save lives.