Fire-Retardant MacBook Sleeves

macbook fire retardant sleevesBy David Ponce

There’s nothing like the smell of a sizzling MacBook in the morning. That’s why we’re diggin these relatively stylish fire-retardant corduroy sleeves, fromWrappers.

Wrappers’ corduroy sleeves feature exclusive tailoring that avoids leaving one end of the MacBook exposed, without the need for zips or velcro. Contract quality means the fabric has passed a 100,000 wear and tear rub test. The fire retardant backing uses the latest graphite granule technology, which as well as a safety benefit, prevents the corduroy loosing its shape over time. Sleeves have a layer of cushioning for added protection and a chestnut coloured microfibre lining.

We’re fairly certain the intended use for these sleeves is to protect the MacBook from the flames, though with the recent exploding batteries debacle with Dell’s notebooks, perhaps they’ll also protect you as well.

They’re about $30 each, and it’s $5 more to have them personalized.

[Fire Retardant MacBook Sleeves] VIA [NewLaunches]