Fire Fly Mouth Swoosh

Dr. Fresh Fire Fly Mouth Swoosh (Image courtesy Dr. Fresh website)By Andrew Liszewski

Proper dental care involves more than a few seconds of brushing and a swig of mouthwash. The process requires a bit more time and dedication and getting kids to learn these habits is especially important.

From Dr. Fresh comes the Fire Fly line of dental products that lets you know exactly how long you should be brushing your teeth or rinsing with mouth wash for it to be effective. The Fire Fly Mouth Swoosh includes an LED built into the cap that will blink after 30 seconds or so indicating when it’s time to stop and spit. The Kids Fire Fly Toothbrush has an LED built-in to the handle that will start blinking after 60 seconds. There’s even Fire Fly Toothpaste with an LED built into the cap to indicate when you’ve been brushing long enough if you prefer to use your own toothbrush.

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  1. A small correction. I work where these products are sold. The LEDs light up for the entire time the child should be brushing or rinsing. When the lights shut off, then it is time to spit.

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