Fingerprint Safe Box Not Actually For Protecting Fingerprints

Fingerprint Safe Box Not Actually For Protecting Fingerprints

Fingerprint Safe Box (Image courtesy Gadget Universe)By Andrew Liszewski

Until someone discovers an easy way to compromise fingerprint security scanners, they’ll be making their way into more and more devices that have typically required you to memorize a password or combination.

Take this run-of-the-mill safe for example. The traditional spinning combination lock or numeric keypad has been replaced with a considerably easier to use fingerprint reader. And like with any device that uses this means of security, a simple swipe of your digit will lock or unlock your valuables. Unfortunately I have no idea how many users this safe supports (probably just one), what kind of abuse it can survive (fire etc.), or how long the 4 AA batteries will remember your prints.

You can find it at Gadget Universe for $399.95 and because it weighs close to 30 lbs, you’ll have to add an extra $19.95 for shipping charges.

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  1. Warning to anyone considering buying one of these, all it will do is piss me off & make me cut off your fingers(or the whole hand if the first finger doesnt work) so ill be the first to award the owners of this fine product with their new nickname, so hi STUMPY! peace & remember a burglar cant cut a number combination of of your body all tho a few may try, but be honest you all know u have nothing to hide but your porn & sex toys. Peace ya’ll!!

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