Find One, Find All Key Finder

Find One, Find All Key Finder (Images courtesy Melbourne Designs)
By Andrew Liszewski

Oh look! Another device that’s designed to help people find the stuff they keep losing, instead of maybe teaching them a little responsibility so they don’t lose it in the first place. The Find One, Find All or ‘FOFA’ comes in both a keyfob version and a flat wallet style version and are designed to be attached or inserted into whatever items you tend to misplace.

Each FOFA has a set of 6 buttons that can be used to trigger the alarm on another, as long as it’s within a 30 foot range. So if you’ve managed to find at least one FOFA equipped device, you can use it to find all the others. The system is also expandable, allowing you to use up to 36 FOFA finders, though I imagine it would get pretty hard to remember what number you assigned to each device. And if you’re constantly losing up to 36 devices, it might be time to hire a personal assistant.

A set of 2 Keyfob FOFAs are available on the Melbourne Designs website (based in Texas of course) for $24.95. Additional Flat Style FOFAs are $12.47 each.

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