Ferguson’s Safety Smock, For Suicidal Inmates

By David Ponce

Killing yourself is a bad bad thing. You shouldn’t try it. And you see, peopleses agree. That’s why, if you ever manage to get yourself in one of those places where they think you might actually do the deed any minute now (eg. psych ward, better yet, prison), you might end up wearing this goofy looking blue gown.

It’s Ferguson’s Safety Smock, a non-restrictive quilted garment to be worn by people that are likely to take the thread from their regular clothes and turn them into lethal weapons. Lethal of course, as in, for themselves.

No, you don’t buy this, I don’t think, unless you’re a correctional facility. Fun to know they exist though.

Check out the website. Story VIA BoingBoing.

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