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Ferguson Hill Subtle And Discreet Horn Speakers

Ferguson Hill Horn Speakers (Image courtesy Ferguson Hill Studios)By Andrew Liszewski

Even if you're not an audiophile having a pair of these Horn Speakers from Ferguson Hill in your home would easily make you look like the next Tomlinson Holman. (The guy who invented THX.) The unique looking speakers are made from precision molded, toughened cast acrylic that's 8mm thick allowing them to stand up to whatever sounds you pump through them.

And even though they look like they should be sitting on a cliff warning passing ships about the dangerous coastline the speakers only need about 5 watts of power to 'go loud' which "allows their use with relatively low powered amplifiers further increasing the level of clarity obtainable, from such relatively 'simple' amplifier circuits." The speakers also come with their own stands which have a welded stainless steel construction, satin polish finish and internal dampening.

You can read the full specs for the Horn Speakers on the Ferguson Hill website but let's be honest, while they'll probably interest the audiophile crowd most people will be buying these $20,000 speakers because of how they look and not necessarily how they sound.

[ Ferguson Hill Horn Speakers ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

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