Fellowes 79Ci Personal Shredder Packs Some Neat Features. Also: Win One! #FellowesInc

By David Ponce

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes. All opinions are 100% mine.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been trying out the Fellowes 79Ci personal shredder. I never had a personal shredder before, and never really thought I’d need or want one.  But I’ve been having fun feeding that little monster and now wish I’d bought one ages ago.  It turns out that when I started looking, I realized I had a bunch of dead trees lying around, ready to make their way to recycling.  And now they could do it with the peace of mind that no one would be able to look through them.  So how is this shredder?  Not bad at all.

For one, it has a lot of power.  It’s able to shred through CDs and up to 14 sheets of paper at a time.  It cuts them up into 400+ pieces with opposing heavy-duty teeth-covered blades, a feature they call Cross Cut Technology.  But its power is limited and it knows this.  To prevent jams, there’s another feature called “100% Jam Proof”.  This is a sensor at the mouth of the shredder that measures the stack you’re trying to shred.  If it’s too thick, it just refuses to even start cutting.  But if it’s too thin, a progressive dial on the machine tells you so, optimizing your workload.  Of course, you can disable the feature if you know for a fact that the paper can be shredded, like with cardboard.

There’s also a safety feature called “SafeSense”, which instantly disables the machine if you put your fingers near the opening, something that should make parents happy; adult fingers are generally too big to fit through the opening anyway.  And finally, the machine is silent, at least as far as shredders are concerned.  They call this SilentShred.  It’s not like you’ll be able to shred at 4am without waking your spouse, but the machine is quieter than other shredders I’ve seen before.

If you want your own, you can either buy one for $239 at Staples, or enter our contest to win one.  To enter, just leave a comment on this post stating what you would be shredding if you won.  It’s open to legal U.S. residents 18 years of age and older. Full rules are here.  

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16 thoughts on “Fellowes 79Ci Personal Shredder Packs Some Neat Features. Also: Win One! #FellowesInc”

  1. Moved in with my gal 2 years ago – brought 15 years worth of shreddable documents with me.  We need the space, and I don’t want to move it again (other than move the shredded bits to the recycle waste receptical at the curb),

  2. I would shred my junk mail and then try and put it to good use by feeding the shreds to my worms. They love the paper and give me great fertilzer in return!

  3. I could really use a shredder like this…but I certainly can’t afford one since I have been in the hospital fighting cancer since late Oct.    So….I know your contest says USA residents……I live in Toronto, but am a US citizen…does that count?

  4. I would love to be able to shred down the incessant coupon mailers I get.  The post shredded material I suspect would make an ideal firestarter for the outdoor firepit.

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