Faveable Giveaway: Second Week Prize is DropCam


Just a quick note that our gadget giveaway is now in week #2 (in case you missed our previous note about Faveable’s 6-week long gadget giveaway here at OhGizmo). This week’s prize is a DropCam ($199 value). You just have to enroll in to the giveaway once and your entry will be eligible for subsequent draws. It’s still not too late to enter, 5 exciting gadgets are still up for grabs in coming weeks. As an added incentive to all those OhGizmo visitors who have already entered the giveaway last week, we’ve implemented a system where your chances of winning increase by sharing the giveaway page on social media, posting comments on Faveable.com or faving items. Click here to enroll your entry in Faveable Giveaway.