Faux Stainless Steel Finishes

Brushed Steel Appliance Covering Film (Image courtesy Glass Decor and More)By Andrew Liszewski

So you’ve got a bit of appliance-envy after seeing your friend’s brand new stainless steel fridge and stove but at the same time your appliances are working fine and you have no real reason to replace them.

Well there’s a far cheaper and easier way to keep up with the Jones’s now thanks to these peel-and-stick faux stainless steel and brushed metal finishes. Application is as easy as peeling off the backing and sticking it to your fridge, stove, microwave or really anything else you can think of. The “steel” finish is also scratch resistant, durable, heat-safe and most importantly easy to clean since it will soon collect thousands of finger prints.

Costs vary depending on the finish and size of the adhesive you’ll need but looking at their website a single piece of the brushed stainless steel material that’s 17 3/4 inches by 4 feet 11 3/4 inches (I assume that’s some standard size for appliances or something) retails for $29.99.

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