Klingon Monopoly

Fancy a Round or Two of Klingon Monopoly? jAH!

Klingon Monopoly

nuqneH pa’! (That’s Klingon for ‘Hello there!’) Monopoly has been around for so long that it’s starting to get monotonous. But it’s so classic that it wouldn’t make sense for the Parker Brothers to discontinue it, either, so what they did was reinvent it to make it cool and current. The latest one of these is Klingon Monopoly.

If you’re familiar with the Star Trek universe, then you’ll know that Klingons are actually a fictional race featured on the series who happen to have their own language. Star Trek has amassed a huge cult following over the last few decades, so it’s not really a huge surprise to see Monopoly finally go Klingon. This collector’s edition combines English and Klingon and features familiar Star Trek elements on the board. Instead of the usual game pieces, you’ll get Combat cards, Honor Cards, Outposts, Capitals, and a pack full of Klingon forces to get your game on.

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Klingon Monopoly

Klingon Monopoly is available for $39.99.

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1 thought on “Fancy a Round or Two of Klingon Monopoly? jAH!”

  1. Actually, «nuqneH pa’» means “What do you want, room?” 😉
    Klingon has no word for “Hello”; it’s seem as superfluous. In a pinch, you could use «qavan» (when addressing a single person) or «Savan» (when addressing more than one person); they mean “I salute you.”

    Also, «jaH» means “go” in the sense of “go somewhere”. I think you want «Ha’!», which means “Let’s go!”.

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