FakeTV Takes The TV Out Of TV While Protecting Your House


By Evan Ackerman

Okay, I know you’re asking “why on Earth would someone want a fake TV,” but bear with me here… This is in fact one of those rare inventions that’s totally stupid and totally genius all at once. FakeTV uses an array of LEDs and lenses to simulate the colors and pseudorandom flickering light of a real 27″ TV. The idea is, you can leave this thing on at night or while you’re away, and anyone scoping out your place will think a TV is on and someone is home and won’t steal your nonexistent home theatre setup. It’s better than a real TV because it’s got a built-in light detector and timer to turn it on at dusk, and it only sucks down about as much power as a night-light.

On the other hand, you’re paying $50 for a fake TV when you could buy a real TV (and a timer) on Craigslist for a lot less and get more use out of it. A real TV uses substantially more electricity, for sure, but my guess is if you buy a used one, you’re saving more energy overall. See an exciting video of FakeTV being fake, after the jump.

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