Fake AC Adapter Features Hidden Camera

Charger DVR (Image courtesy Ajoka)By Andrew Liszewski

The next time you break into someone’s home or office and notice an adapter plugged into the wall that’s missing a cord, you might want to think about stealing that too. Because there’s a good chance it could be this fake AC adapter from Ajoka that’s recording your every move. Not surprisingly, the camera is actually powered by AC whenever the adapter is plugged into an outlet, but also features a lithium ion battery allowing it to record up to 3 hours of audio and video without an external power source.

The video and audio are recorded to a microSD card, and a 2GB card is capable of recording up to 66 hours of footage. Of course the video has a resolution of just 176×144 pixels at 15fps in the 3GP format, so unless the perp walks right up to the lens and look into it, there’s a good chance it will be hard to recognize anyone’s face.

[ Charger DVR ] VIA [ Chip Chick ]

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  1. This would be far more useful if it used one of the Lan over powerline gizmo’s to deliver the video to a recorder on the outside of the building where you could swap out the memory as it fills up.

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