Facebook-Flavored Ice Cream: What’s Not to Like?

Facebook Ice Cream

What’s not to like…or what’s to like? Those are the questions when it comes to Facebook-flavored ice cream.

I don’t think it’s endorsed by Mark Zuckerberg but it actually exists. It was actually created by ice cream maker Admir Adili after he saw his 15-year-old daughter spending a lot of time on Facebook. So what does the social network taste like? Chewing gum and candy.

Facebook Ice Cream1

Admir basically poured flavored blue syrup all over vanilla ice cream and stuck a Facebook sign in the tub for good measure. He’s now selling it with his brother, Ibi Adili, at their ice cream shop in Tisnom, which is located on Croatia’s Murter island. Apparently, it’s become a huge hit over there, although it could probably be more because of the novelty rather than the actual taste.

VIA [ Food Beast ]

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