Face Detecting Time Attendance System And Access Door Lock

CVJB-G107 Facial Recognition Time Attendance System and Access Door Lock (Image courtesy Chinavasion)
By Andrew Liszewski

Punch cards and fingerprints are so passe, if you want your business to look like it’s on the cutting edge of security technology you need to install one of these facial recognition time attendance systems. Using a set of digital cameras that can even see in the dark (I assume that’s a ring of IR LEDs around the lenses) the CVJB-G107 will keep track of the comings and goings of your employees, or prevent or provide access to certain doors, using facial recognition technology that takes “a fraction of a second” to make a match. And since the dual cameras create a 3D image of each face in the database, the software can’t be tricked by simply holding a 2D photograph of someone up to the lens.

The system can be setup to recognize and log information like attendance, overtime and even late arrivals for up to 500 different employees, and records can be downloaded to a USB flash drive or accessed via TCP/IP when the console is connected to a network. The system also comes with software allowing you to easily organize and sort through the information contained in the logs (hopefully they’re Excel friendly too) and is available from Chinavasion for just over $480.

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15 thoughts on “Face Detecting Time Attendance System And Access Door Lock”

  1. Well like most systems, there is always a way to break it if you try. I think for just a step into the right direction, it's pretty good, team it up with an id card and it would be pretty secure. Maybe add a finger print reader and it should be even better (and make it require heat sensors so you can't use a chopped off finger).

  2. I think he is just slowly obtaining your trust so that when he shows up at your door after hunting you down via IP back trace you won't shoot him in the balls with your paintball gun loaded with frozen paint.

  3. yes yes I know… But you didn't have to debunk me where he could see.. Anyone who has ever tried to freeze a paintball will tell you that it doesn't work.. unless you are freezing them with liquid nitrogen… HA HA.. And it is smart to get on at work… Mine is routed through the school

  4. hahaha sorry, didn't mean to debunk, but I try to stop that myth so more people get into the sport. If he does show up, I'll shoot marbles at him…I wonder if that will work, it should… *thinks*

  5. just get a ball sander.. yes I do think they actually make those.. and sand the marbles to even out the surface texture.. but yes that should work they are the size of paint balls

  6. “security”? Not so much. It'll still recognize your face while you're being held at gunpoint. It's ever so slightly better than those easily fooled fingerprint readers they tested on Mythbusters. I suppose this would be good for controlling access in and out for amnesia and Alzheimers patients within their assisted living facility…

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