ezEars SX50, Cheap In-Earses

Yeah, so you might have noticed that the headphones that came with youriPod don’t sound so hot. Everyone’s been talking about those in-ear headphones that don’t keep falling out, and give you some sound isolation. Things like Shure’s $500 e5c headphones seems very nice and everything… but they’re $500 fer crying out loud!

Well, Utah company EzGear is releasing the SX50, a $33 set of in-ear headphones, with, of course, white cables. No clue how these things sound or anything, but there you have it anyway.

The product page is here. Story VIA iLounge.

5 thoughts on “ezEars SX50, Cheap In-Earses”

  1. Hey!

    I bought a pair of these from http://www.soundwise.co.uk

    They are really nice earphones, exellent sound for the money. They also do a pair they call
    Soundwise S1 Sport. I have never heard vocals so crisp and clear. So Ezears are really good but the soundwise S1 is even better.

  2. I got a pair of Yahba from Soundwise because they seem well recommended. Actually I got 3 pairs, as they had a offer on. I didn’t like them at all. I emailed them and before the end of the day they replied offering to exchange. So I got 2 ezEars sx50 and 1 Soundwise s1. They actually let me keep 1 pair of yahba as they said they can?t resell anyway. So I got 4 pair of earphones for about the same as some sellers are selling 1 pair of ezEars sx50?s. The Yahba actually grew on me but the ezEars is still a better earphone. The Soundwise S1 is not bad either. Really good for using down the gym or out jogging.

  3. I got a pair of these ‘Soundwise E2’ and they are Fantastic little earphones. So simple. They look good and sound great. Even the service was A1.

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