EyeClops Night Vision Turns Your Kid Into A Real Spy

EyeClops Night  VisionBy Luke Anderson

I envy kids today, as they get much cooler toys than we did. Sure, my Nerf guns and Laser Tag games were cool and all, but even those have been upgraded with the latest technology. If kids want to pretend that they are spies, they’ve really got it made. Just check out these working night vision goggles from Jakks Pacific.

Most toys that claim to be night vision really just have some sort of crappy flashlight attached to a helmet, but not the EyeClops Night Vision. It utilizes an infrared imager and LCD monocle which will let you navigate (and spy) in even the darkest of environments. If you’re wanting to photograph some evidence, they even make an EyeClops BioniCam which is the same thing, only with a digital camera instead of a headset. Each will retail for $80 when they hit stores this fall.

[ Jakks Pacific ] VIA [ Crave ]