Eyeball Chair Would Look Great In Our Offices

We like it when artists create things that we could conceivably use. For example, a painting, nice as it is to look at, can’t be used for anything other than that. On the other hand, the above chair is not only awesome to look at, but could well double as an actual, you know, chair. It’s called Scopohilia (love of looking) and is the creation of Fiona Roberts. It’s made of red velvet and hundreds of plastic eyeballs and, like many works of art, comes with some kind of statement the artist intended it to convey:

“The excessive ‘gaze’ haunts the flesh, generating the uncomfortable feeling of being exposed.”

That’s all we got… We’re thinking it’s some kind of critique about how we’re living in a narcissistic and exhibitionist era and… there are eyeballs everywhere? We don’t know, or really care for that matter. We can only say one more thing about the chair, and that’s that it was “part of Roberts’ graduate show at the Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition 2012 in Adelaide.” Purchasing info? We don’t think there is any. However, after the break, there’s a couple more pictures and links.

[ Artist’s Website ] VIA [ BookOfJoe ]