Eye-Fi Announces New SD Cards, Services


By Evan Ackerman

Eye-Fi is rolling out some new features for their Wi-Fi enabled SD cards for digital cameras, and from the sound of things, they’ve been actually paying attention to what their customers have been asking for. A novel concept, I know.

There will be three new models of Eye-Fi card, all with storage capacities of 2 gigs. Here’s the lineup:

Eye-Fi Explore ($129): Includes one year’s worth of automatic hotspot uploads via Wayport. Also includes Wi-Fi geotagging via Skyhook.

Eye-Fi Share ($99): Same as the current version of the Wi-Fi card; uploads via preprogrammed networks and integrates with Flickr and other services.

Eye-Fi Home ($79):
Basic version, includes preprogrammed network uploads but no online integration.

So, there’s still no dynamic access to open hotspots, no on-camera configuration, and no way to tag pics you’ve taken to prevent them from uploading, but the new features are certainly useful. You’ll pay out the wazoo to take advantage of them, though, seeing as you could buy about 18 (!) standard 2 gig SD cards for the price of one Eye-Fi Explore.

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