Exuvius Multi Tool Collar Stays (Image courtesy Yanko Design)

Titanium Exuvius Multi Tool Collar Stays

Exuvius Multi Tool Collar Stays (Image courtesy Yanko Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

Just because you’re at a wedding or other fancy shindig doesn’t mean emergencies aren’t going to pop-up. So if you find yourself at an event where a Gerber hanging off your belt isn’t considered proper attire, these Exuvius Multi Tool Collar Stays will most certainly be an acceptable alternative. First and foremost they’ll prevent your shirt collar from popping up, but since they’re made from 100% titanium they’re also strong enough to be used as a screwdriver, bottle opener, thread cutter/wire stripper and in a prison situation, an effective shiv. Titanium usually costs a pretty penny, but because they’re so thin a set of 2 collar stays will cost you just $30, and if you think you’ll need backups, a set of 4 is a better deal at $50.

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2 thoughts on “Titanium Exuvius Multi Tool Collar Stays”

  1. I noticed this works well with flat head and Philips screws. Any indication it would work with the much better Robertson screw? Or is having a square head on a collar stay not cool? Because if they added the Robertson head to the end it could also be used to easily extract the collar stay when you get into a heated argument during the hostile take over of your company, or if you end up with really annoying people at your table during a wedding reception (for the purpose of the prison situation you may or may not have mentioned…).

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