Exos-LT Xbox 360 Cooling Kit

koolance exos-lt

By David Ponce

If the thought of buying an add-on that’s almost as expensive as the console itself, all the while voiding the warranty (if actually used) doesn’t scare you off, then perhaps you’ll be interested in Koolance’s Exos LT cooling kit for the Xbox 360. The kit features the Exos-LT cooling system, CPU and GPU liquid blocks, AC power adapter, and special Xbox mounting hardware.

We like this part of the product description:

IMPORTANT NOTES: Modifying the Xbox 360 for liquid cooling is not for the faint of heart. Although minimal changes are actually required for the XBox, it can be a labor-intensive task that should only be attempted by experienced individuals.

The not-for-the-faint-of-heart kit will ding your wallet for $395 and comes in silver and black. It should be noted that the company insists that only Koolance’s cooling liquid be used.

[Koolance Exos-LT] Thanks, James!