Exhaust Tube Spinners

By David Ponce

No, no, LCD screens for your headlights isn’t enough. Nah man… when you wanna pimp your ride, you gotta go all the way. That’s why you have to get spinners for your exhaust too!

You install these on the muffler tip, and when you start the car, the exhaust gases make it spin. If you rev the engine, the spring loaded spinner actually pops out. So you can be driving down the highway with this turbine blade-like thing popping out of your muffler tube…


So, there are two models, both $40. They’re easy to install and will fit any 1 1/4″ – 2″ exhaust pipes. You can visit the very rough-around-the-edges website and place your order. There are also animated GIFs of the things “in action”. Story VIA Prylfeber.

4 thoughts on “Exhaust Tube Spinners”

  1. You know, that’s kind of neat… I’d never buy one but I wasn’t immediately repulsed by it like the fart pipes, park bench spoilers and double-faced tape stick on intake scoops.

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