Celluon evoMouse (Images courtesy Celluon)

evoMouse Lets Your Fingers Do The Mousing

Celluon evoMouse (Images courtesy Celluon)
By Andrew Liszewski

When I stop and think about it, between laptop touchpads, touchscreen phones and tablets and my Wacom tablet, I very rarely use a mouse these days. And if a company called Celluon has anything to say about it, the mouse as we know it may soon be extinct. Using similar technology to those projected laser keyboards, the evoMouse sits on your desk just above where you’d normally be pushing a mouse around, and instead tracks the movements of your fingers. Those movements are then translated into cursor movements on screen, allowing you to use just your fingers for everything from scrolling to dragging files to even accessing context menus.

The evoMouse itself is barely larger than an actual mouse, seemingly making it ideal for traveling, and you can connect it to your computer via USB or via Bluetooth if you’d prefer to keep things wireless. It’s even compatible with styluses if you’d like to use it as a portable drawing tablet, or want to take advantage of the evoMouse’s handwriting recognition technology. Pricing and availability are still TBA.

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  1. For everyday portability, this would be amazing. It would give you a larger space than the stupid pad on your laptop but then also be space economic. However, not much use for gaming yet if it requires complex gestures like taping for the left click.

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