Every Cat Needs One: Solar System Cat Hat

Every Cat Needs One: Solar System Cat Hat

Solar System Cat Hat

Your cat will probably hate you for it, but it’s just too funny to pass up on.

For many cat owners, their feline companions are the centers of the universe. This hat by¬†Etsy seller Wendy Casazza Scruton just translates that fact into something tangible because it literally makes the cat the center of one particularly tiny universe. Wendy actually calls it the “cat fascinator” and describes it as being best for extra patient kitties.

Solar System Cat Hat1

The nine styrofoam planets are attached to the base, which, in this case, is the sun. They’re painted over with acrylic and sprinkled with glitter for the finishing touch.

The base is lined with felt so it’s a tad more comfy for your cat. He’ll probably bat at it (and murder it) when your back’s turned, but it’s a fun accessory to have for photo ops. It’s on sale on Wendy’s Etsy store NotsoKittyShop for $25.

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  1. My beloved, nasty, NYC street stray Willie (rest his soul) would have died of embarrassment (all 9 lives) if I had put this thing on him. Some people have way too much time on their hands.

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