everlab 1 Hour Circle Clock

everlab 1 Hour Circle (Images courtesy everlab)
By Andrew Liszewski

I guess calling this a ‘clock’ is not exactly an accurate description because it really only works one hour at a time. Just stick it to a wall or place it on a large piece of paper and the arm will complete a full circle in exactly one hour. And as it sweeps around a large colored pencil at the end of the arm will slowly draw a perfect circle.

I remember doing art like this as a little kid and my parents weren’t exactly impressed with the results on their walls. Little did I know that if I waited 20 years I could actually build and sell a device that did the exact same thing.

The 1 Hour Circle is available from everlab in yellow, pink, blue or green for $21.

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3 thoughts on “everlab 1 Hour Circle Clock”

  1. If it was also a 24-hour circle clock it would be useful (two arms, one for the one hour and one for the 24-hour, thus creating a minute hand and an hour hand)

  2. or if could draw inner circles one after another hour, circles insde each other, so after each hour-circle, the hour hand would move downward to make a smaller diameter for the inne circle, or maybe the kid or consumer could change the size of the another-hour-circle diameter manually.

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