Evergreen’s DN-MPS100, Now With USB Port


By David Ponce

The Japanese have all the fun. With a cool name like DN-MPS100, Evergreeen is sure to have a throng of Japanese alphabetophile gadget maniacs throw themselves at their latest offering. It’s essentially a retro-styled radio with a port for USB flash drives. Simply plug your music collection in, and you’re set. Of course, the real fun begins only when you plug in a USB drive shaped like deep fried shrimp

Now, a little bit of research seems to reveal that this unit is actually made by Shenzen JWL Electronics, with the name “MusicBaby”. I’m guessing that Evergreen simply bought it, and slapped their name on it. But since I can’t find any additional information, anywhere, I only have TechEBlog’s word to rely on, which is usually solid, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter for most of our readers, as this is going to be a Japan only product, at least for now.

It’s coming out today, for $67.

[Evergreen’s DN-MPS100]